Fatcats the beginning......

All my life I have had a deep love and fascination for cats. There has never been a moment in my life where I haven't had a cat as my companion.

When the time came for me to leave my cats in a cattery; a new experience for me, I found it very difficult to find a place with the right feel which met their individual needs.

But why? They didn't always seem to have the passion for cats that I do; a lot of catteries have kennels attached which isn't ideal for more sensitve cats; the accomodation wasn't as spacious and relaxing as I would have hoped and the surroundings weren't peaceful and interesting for cats.

This spurred me onto thinking why this type of cattery didn't already exist.

So, by the time I returned from my holiday, I had decided that it was time to create the perfect cat retreat where my passion and love for cats could be put into action.

This meant other people could leave their cats in my loving care, re-assured that their cats would have the best possible holiday themselves.

And so, the cattery design and build began; no pen smaller than a double, each pen larger than necessary, all looking out to woodland and wildlife, cosy blankets, heated pens, music, toys, scratch posts and ultimate cleanliness and hygiene with on-site presence 365 days per year and most importantly hugs and kisses on demand!

                                                             Sally    x